About Us

We are a company born in the year 2012 of the initiative of a young couple with a special taste for art and love for our country, one of our great commitments and satisfaction is to bet on the talent of Peruvian artisans and to give work to women who s On sustenance of your home, enterprising women, young mothers. Alpaca Kapchiy is in charge of making the best of them by means of art in felting which is translated into quality products.


Our mission is to create and provide a variety of high quality Alpaca products to our customers all over the world with a continuous innovation in the production of new products; Training and managing human talent, acting with social responsibility with our community since one of our philosophies is to keep always at the forefront without forgetting that we are a family business that respects the environment. In addition the process of collecting the raw material used in our production does not infringe the well-being of Alpacas.


With a view to the 2020 we wish to convert ALPACA KAPCHIY into the company Alpaquera exporting leader in the services we provide (felting), being recognized by our excellence in the quality of our products and the continuous innovation of the same which will generate Satisfaction of our clients thus improving the quality of life of our staff, guaranteeing a job and a fair deal.