Social Responsibility

In Alpaca Kapchiy we have a great social responsibility with our workers, environment and clients, since they are considered our main interest groups.

In the environmental level our products do not contain substances harmful to the environment because to obtain the alpaca fiber only the process of shearing is done, the colors are of natural origin and some are dyed with natural products, besides that We have an active participation with the district municipality of Alto Selva Alegre and the Abandoned Dog Shelter (Ay├║danos a Ayudar) at Socabaya. Regarding the municipality we help in the collection and delivery of papers, bottles, plastics and paperboards for our activity; And in reference to the dog shelter we contribute with the collection and delivery of plastic sheets which generates an entrance to the shelter for the maintenance of animals in a situation of abandonment.

In reference to our collaborators mostly artisan and wrestler mothers, our work with them is to provide them with a fair treatment, a comfortable workplace and a suitable working environment, since their performance reflects the optimum quality of our Product.
For the last and not least are our clients to whom we demonstrate that our business development is based on the care of the environment and the well-being of our workers, for which we have assumed important and serious commitments to Over the years.