What You Need to Know About Alpacas?

Suri Alpaca

TheAlpaca Suri “rarely known always exotic”, is characterized by a fairly lustrous fiber, silky and shiny. The fiber of the same tends to have the lacie appearance, growing parallel to the body in the direction of the soil.
It has a higher density compared to the different races, giving a silky and shiny aspect.
Its population is very inferior compared to the other race, concentrating mostly in the city of Puno – Peru

Alpaca Huacaya

The Alpaca Huacaya is an animal of fine stamp, with a rounded and voluminous appearance, of slender body covered with fiber that as a whole is called fleece. It has softness, density that gives it a spongy appearance.
Alpaca as a domestic species is bred in flocks; Its main production is the fiber that presents a varied number of colors, moving from white to coffee, to black; Also the ruano color and grey.
Its population in Peru represents 90% of its species. It is the one that most withstands adverse conditions in the Peruvian altiplano.


The Vicuña is one of the animals whose fiber is considered one of the most valuable and fine in the world. Peru is the country with the largest population of the species; The Vicuña has an extraordinary fur, both soft and extremely fine.
The fur is dense, formed by thin fibers that grow very close together, in order to protect the animal from both the cold and the rain and the wind. If the fibers were thicker and grew more distanced, they would let the cold air and rain water pass.